How of you get rid of acne on the arm after exercising?

I have started to exercise and I sweat a lot. Now I have been getting bums which i believe are pimples (zits) on my arm. How do I prevent that from happening? And how do I take care of this acne now.

Please anything would be great from advice because I still want to work out and NOT suffer from arm acne.

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It’s not that hard to cure arm acne even if you have them all over your body. Through proper medication and the dedication to have a smoother face and body, you’ll achieve your beauty and happiness goals.

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How of you get rid of acne on the arm after exercising

It is easy to cure arm acne acne after exercising.

How To Avoid Post Workout Acne?
After exercise or body workout our skin pores are widely open where bacteria or germs that causing acne can penetrate our body system through this avenue. This is what we called exercise induced acne.

We found an educational article or information from Livestrong – read more here to prevent the occurrence of post workout acne.
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  • marie2dessy February 23, 2009, 4:49 pm

    there are different body washes and creams for body acne. you might also wanna make sure that you are showering right after you workout while your pores are still wide open. it'll help get the dirt out. scrubs could also be helpful or loofahs