How soon after you felt the first fetal movement did you start to feel it after a regular basis?

I'm pretty sure I felt the baby move around 16 or 17 weeks (this is my first pregnancy), but I'm NOT sure if I've felt anything since. I feel stuff sometimes, but I don't know if it's fetal movement. I know it's normal to not feel stuff until around week 20, but I'm just curious as to what other women have experienced. I'm 18 weeks today. 🙂

Written By Evie Neumann

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  • mumontherun January 30, 2009, 8:51 am

    My first movt was at abut 16 weeks. And it jut felt like a nervous twitch and then nothig for ages. Not till about 22 weeks. because the baby is still quite small it has a lot of room to swim around, so doesn't need to keep kicking you!.