How to get person to seek treatment – extreme mental health issues?

Close family member desperately needs mental treatment: childhood seizures (not epilepsy) and behavioral probs. continued into adult issues including depression, paranoia, anxiety, anger, and reclusiveness, abandonment issues (adopted), real-world effects in daily life including homelessness, detachment from family and friends, unhealthy eating/sleeping habits, and occasional alcohol abuse. Refuses suggestions to go to dr. or hospital, last dr. who saw him was at least 3 yrs. ago. Years of this cycle have led us/some drs. to speculate bipolar disorder or even (mild) schizophrenia, but he hasn't opened up to a dr. or stuck w/ it long enough for good diagnosis; fears medication. NOW, he has gone through a breakup and is in VERY bad shape – all symptoms have returned, & acting distracted, seemingly unaware of the presence of others or not recognizing others (seems like act for attention but also serious), detachment, no eating, shaking, claiming "I'm fine" but OBVIOUSLY not. Now what?
He is now 29 y.o. Seizures started in pre-teens, behavioral probs very early (temper tantrums especially) last seizure around 16 I think. Adoption means no med. history, but he also feels that birthmom "made him this way" and has threatened to "f'n kill her" if he ever found her. Still considering forced intervention but fearful of his retaliation, esp. since he's paranoid that we're not out to HELP him, just out to put him away or something negative like that.
Also: would it be helpful or harmful to let him read this, in your opinion?

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  • Susan T March 9, 2009, 2:04 am

    Tell the person that they are not alone and you're willing to go along with him or her to seek help.that's what my family done for me i'm Bipolar Disorder taking meds and feeling well for now .sometimes i have good and bad days .