How Would Someone Become A Drug Or Alcohol Abuse Counselor?

To answer your query, practically speaking anyone who has become a drug or alcohol addict and had recovered can become a counselor because he knows what it is like to become a drug or alcohol dependent. However, there are courses that a person can take in order to become a professional guidance, substance, or alcohol abuse counselor. You can get a degree and be licensed and earn a living out of it. There are career advancements too. Below are links or articles that you might find helpful.

Become A Drug Or Alcohol Abuse Counselor

How To Become a Substance Abuse Counselor …
If you care about people wasting their youth or life from alcohol abuse or drugs, then chances are you’ll become a good or reliable substance abuse counselor and that could be the perfect career path for you.

Become a Substance or Alcohol Abuse Counselor Today

Become a Substance or Alcohol Abuse Counselor Today

Addiction Counselor |
Know the usual licensure and educational requirements that you need so you can specialize in addictions and substance abuse counseling. This is a good read and should be shared.

Substance Abuse Counseling
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Learn How To Have A Successful Substance Or Alcohol Abuse Counselor Career Through This Video.

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  • mel March 11, 2009, 1:57 am

    need a social work degree. during studies u get attachment to drug rehab centres, AA etc so u learn and gain experience. uk/singapore – 3 yrs, usa 4 yrs. its a noble job. doesnt pay much tho, long hours and please please dont fall in love with the client! it has happened far too many times. burn out rate is also high so u gotta hv another life besides work esp a family tt will maintain your sanity