How would you tell your parent that you want to get tested for diabetes?

I am very nervous to tell my mom that I want to get tested for diabetes on a regular basis because, the pediatrician that we see said that I can’t get diabetes as a child even though it runs in the family. I know that is not true. So how should I tell her and when is a good time to tell her. The other reason I am nervous is because she is a paramedic which means she takes care of people on the way to the hospital in an ambulance.
the reason i want to get tested is cause it runs in the family

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  • bekabean2000 March 21, 2009, 11:36 am

    I would not worry about getting diabetes just because it runs in the family. You can watch for the symptoms. If you are overweight your doctor can do a fasting blood sugar result to see if you might be in trouble of getting Type 2 diabetes. If you drink constantly and I mean are CONSTANTLY drinking and craving sugary foods or have recently started losing lots of weight then I am sure your Mom would see a problem and you shouldn’t worry that she won’t take you to get tested. She’s a Mom and one who works in healthcare!! And your peditrician is sooo wrong to say that to you. Nobody knows what causes type 1 diabetes. True it mostly skips generations and my brothers don’t have it. My child doesn’t either. But she carries the gene for it and a geneticist told me she only has a one percent of one percent to get type 1. type 2 runs in both families so she stands a great risk of getting that if she doesn’t take care of herself (or if I dont show her how to not be healthy since she’s only 8:} )