8 tips on Prevention of Dengue

Prevention of Dengue

Probably the scare of the new decade is dengue as it claimed 390 millions of world-wide infections on a yearly basis. Of these many occurrences, around 96 percent develop into illness that last from six to ten days. While the medical world is continually updating the possible medications for this, prevention of dengue is still the most effective solution to the outburst. It is good to know what causes it and how regular people can actually keep themselves from the risk of getting infected by this health condition.

Infected people can have sudden and very high fever with severe headaches coupled with joint and muscle pain. Pain behind the eyes, fatigue, nausea with vomiting, and mild bleeding of nose or gums are also associated with dengue. Skin rash is also part of the symptoms and infection which may easily be seen within the first two to five days of the condition.

For all these that prevention of dengue has become a must. Below are some tips to do so:

1. Clean surroundings to prevent growing mosquitoes. Look for stagnant water or dirty nooks where these dangerous insects may be breeding and ensure that they are cleaned every time, if not every day. If there is a need to use chemicals to blast away these insects, choose one that has less chemical contents. Doing so will guarantee better results.

2. If possible, keep out from heavily populated areas of residences. There is a huge chance that more insects may be brought about by these types of these homes. But if there is no chance to be away from these, having a good conversation with homeowners to clean and keep possible breeding areas tidy all the time would be wise.

3. Apply anti-mosquito lotions. Keep yourself free from dengue with lotions that ward off these insects. There are a number of these kinds of applicants that can be bought over the counter these days.

4. Protect yourself and your home with repellents. Whether indoor or outdoor, repellents can surely help minimize the appearance of mosquitoes. In fact, there are plant-based or actual plants that can act as repellants. These are the kinds of plants that one should plant on their garden or place in pots to practically shoo insects.

5. Always wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts whenever going outdoors. The arms and the legs are the first parts of the body that are exposed to these dangerous insects so they are the body parts that require the first layer of protection. To ensure they are safe, it is best to wear long sleeved shirts and pants especially when going on an outdoor expedition. This stays true if going out in areas where thick vegetation or heavy population is expected.

6. When indoors, turning the air conditioning system keeps the mosquitoes away. On top of that, this will guarantee good sleep.

7. Protect the windows as well as the doors with screens. Doing so will keep mosquitoes out and from carrying virus.

8. Use mosquito nets at night, when sleeping. This is especially important if there is no air conditioning system at home.

Written By Nurse007

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