I do not have diabetes but wondered if those of you who have type 2 have these symptoms?

Tingling and numb fingers and feet that get very hot and tingle at the same time?

What other symptoms do you also suffer from please?

Looking for info for a friend however but articles I’ve read never mention the toes, hands or fingers as a symptom of type 2 diabetes..

Written By Nurse007

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  • MamaSmurf March 26, 2009, 7:16 pm

    The tingling and burning can be symptoms, but are more often felt in those that have had diabetes for awhile. Diabetes (both types) can very often be genetic. Eating too much sugar or too many carbs does not cause diabetes, and you do not have to be overweight or underweight to have the disease. Other symptoms include
    Constant thirst
    Frequent urination
    Sweet smelling urine
    Constant hunger
    Nausea or vomiting
    Blurry vision
    Leg cramps
    Reoccurring yeast infection in women, itching penis in men
    Frequent boils
    Slow healing wounds
    Itching of the body with no rash
    Unexplained weight loss OR gain
    Burning tingling sensations in hands, arms, feet, or legs.