i have been on the low-glycemic diet for a while but no weight loss!!!?

I have been following this diet for about 2 months. I have lost a few inches in my upper stomach area, but nothing else. Matter of fact, my weight is going up!!! I am getting so discouraged!!! I am 38, and I have fibromyalgia which makes exercise sometimes EXTREMELY difficult. Would joining curves or a similar 30 min workout place help me? I am also 5' 2". Hope someone can help. I am also very involved with my kids' activitites, which keeps me running, and have a husband that complains that I don't spend enough time with him. (selfish?)
Any good feedback?
let me also add that i follow a healthy diet because of my blood sugar, not JUST to lose the weight, and it has helped tremendously with glucose levels. The other problem I forgot to mention is that I feel like I am freaking STARVING!!!! I can't seem to feel full unless I overeat! As far as the walking with husband after kids in bed, that would be like 11 at night and I get up for work at 4:45 am. Also I won't leave my children in the house alone.
The other MAJOR problem is the fibromyalgia.
If none of you understand what that is, it's a very painful condition that results in the fibrous tissues in your body to hurt badly, frequently to the point of needing pain management medications and can leave you very debilitated much like MS. I do work full time and my job is a physical one, so I am not sedentary at all.
Oh and I have recently quit smoking, 19 days to be exact…..on Chantix but weight gain is not one of the side effects.

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  • mymarine_myworld March 25, 2009, 9:36 pm

    Low glycemic foods are the best foods out there for your body. Maybe the chart you've been referring to is inacurate. And make sure you're getting in 6 small meals every day, don't eat after about 6 or 7, and drink LOTS of water. I do think a good exercise plan would really help you. And if your husband doesn't think you spend enough time with him, why don't the two of you go for a nice walk after the kids are in bed? You would get your exercise and he will get his quality time. We love going on walks together because then we aren't distracted by the TV or computer and just get to talk and get some fresh air.

    Just really commit yourself to this and I think you'll be able to do it. Good luck!