I have chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome,any advice?

I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pain syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome,and if thats not enough I also have fibromyalgia.Anyone else have any of these health concerns?Any advice on how to feel better?Lately,I have been eXtremely tired and sore all the time!HELP!Thanks in advance!

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  • quiet one March 20, 2009, 9:24 pm

    Hello again there! Sorry to hear about how you feel. I also have CFS or abstein bar. I'm a bit of a pro at it, the difference with me is that I am a new person after my treatment. CFS starts out as Mononucleosis (MONO) the virus which if untreated turns to CFS, so that's why my doctor treats it with Valtrex. Depression and anxiety come with CFS which also causes joint and muscle soreness, that's where the antidepressants come in. As far as the fybromyalgia the only thing I know for it is pain management and that is something I don't dare explain because I have no personal experience but from my mother having it I know it's not easy to treat. Listen, if your doctor disagrees with the treatment that I just described to you as far as the CFS then you need to find someone who is more open to your health solutions. I love my doctor, he's so wonderful that my trust in him is unmentionable. I know it's scary to try someone new, but you need to feel better. Wouldn't you like to feel normal again? Be able to get up when you wake up and go. Not fall asleep at the wheel. You get my point. I'm a new person and I have a new baby. Believe me it feels good to be awake and the weight of the world is now a lot more manageable. By the way drinking makes it worse, a lot worse! So if you do, you need to take a break until you're all better. Believe me it didn't help me any, I thank GOD for today. Chat with you later I hope this info helps u a little bit. By the way if you're having trouble with a day at a time, try an hour at a time. Sounds like you're under a lot of stress and that makes the CFS worse all of the time. Help is on the way, you'll be alright. My doctor always reassured me that I'd be o.k., he is very involved with his patients and that's why everyone loves and trusts him so much

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