i have fibromyalgia, as of yet, have not had anythilng to help, is there any new treatments or medicationsa?

I; have had fibromyalgia for over 10 years, other than just taking pain meds. there has been nothing to relieve the symptoms, have tried many natural remedies as well. Is there anything new on the market, or any new treatments?

Written By Soniamiller

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  • fiestyredhead March 24, 2009, 4:50 pm

    I don't have fibro. but know someone who does. She got some relief from elimating certain foods from her diet. I guess she was seeing a homeopathic doctor for awhile.

    I have chronic pain from an auto accident I was in. I have a heck of a time relaxing enough to get a solid night of sleep. I was just recently prescribed Elavil to help me sleep better. It's an antidepressant but you take a low dose of it. It helps your muscles to relax so you get a restful sleep. Seems to be helping. It takes a little getting used to though. It won't elimate your pain during the day but it seems to ease it a little. And maybe not feeling so darn tired makes it's easier to deal with the hurting. Also, I see a chiropracter. She's amazing. Helps me out alot. Massages my trouble spots before adjusting my back. She has me on Fish Oil. It has anti-inflamatory qualities and I've noticed some overall improvement in how my body feels. Still have my spots, but the rest of my body has calmed down.