I have flu symptoms (aches and soreness everywhere), but no flu-no fever. Could I have fibromyalgia and are?

there alternative remedies to help?
This has been on-going for over a month now and it's making me crazy! I am hurting and sleep deprived and need help!

Written By Nurse009

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  • greeninmissouri March 8, 2009, 11:47 pm

    Hi there, yes you could have fibro or you could have ra I have had severe ra for 7 years now and it is like this all the time, but rather than go into a long message here about what it could be and all that just email me at poohinmissouri@yahoo.com and i will be glad to help you and get you some answers, i also own a free chat room where people with all sorts of diseases like fibro,ra,ms, etc come to talk and help so maybe we can get you some answers, just send me an email, look forward to hearing from you