I know this may sound crazy.. but could my epilepsy be what causes my sleep disorder?

I have had epilepsy for about 3 years, I know that is odd seeing how I am 18, I have had seizures in my sleep.. its the most uncomfortable thing I have ever expierienced, Its like your holding on to a steering wheel spinning in circles at 90 mph and I know exactly what is happening but cant wake myself up.. I litteratly try so hard to pull myself out of it but theres nothing I can do! theres been times I have waken my friends up in the night by shaking and talking in my sleep.. sometimes just one or the other, I havent had an "episode" for about a 6 months now.. meaning a seizure, but I talk in my sleep about every night.. could this have anything to do with my epilepsy? Its driving me crazy..
I have had MRI's, 72hr EEG's, catscans.. everything.. they said I have too much blood in my brain basically. They haven't determined exactly why this is happening to me.. also, my dad had seizures when he was a kid, he took medicine for it and it eventually went away.. they havent even mentioned putting me on any type of medications..
I also forgot to add my dad was recently diagnosed with sleepapnia.. could that be what it is? what exactly is sleepapnia?

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  • KyLeth March 12, 2009, 4:23 pm

    Yes, epilepsy can have a very negative effect on sleep. Is your epilepsy well controlled during the day? There may be some medication issues your doctor will need to work. I have done sleep studies on several individuals with epilepsy, and have seen seizures during sleep, which do wake the person up and disrupt sleep. It is also entirely possible you have a sleep disorder separately from the seizures. Only way to be sure would be to have a sleep study done. I've done these for five years and can tell you that while they're a bit annoying due to having to sleep with wires taped to you, they're really not that terrible and no part of it hurts. If things are going on that are preventing you from getting good sleep, it would only benefit you to find out what's going on so that it can be treated appropriately. Good Luck, and you can email me if you have questions.

    Edit- Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder while you are sleeping. Check out the National Sleep Foundation's website (http://www.sleepfoundation.org/site/c.huIXKjM0IxF/b.2417141/k.27D9/Home_of_the_Sleep_in_America_Poll.htm) for more thorough info on sleep disorders. If your father has it, there is a chance you do as well. One of the risk factors is airway anatomy, and that is one of the things that is decided by genetics. do you snore? Feel tired during the day? Again, hon, a sleep study would answer all of those things.