Advise For A Friend With ADHD

I have a very good friend of mine who he hit his head a lot times and he have some Adult ADHD (attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder), chemical unbalance, selecting short memory, etc. He was a model/athlete, he is very talented and smart but he is straggling with consistency with anything, jobs, school…etc.

Now he is 40 years old and he have a very uncertain future because his disability and now he’s loosing energy and desire to live. What is the best advice I can give to him? Is any treatment/center/website or any can help for people with this kind of disability? It’s very sad, he is my best friend and I am very concerned.

Advise For A Friend With ADHD

First of all, we feel terribly sad about the misfortune of your friend but don’t hang your head too low because you need to show that you’re strong for your friend. Being 40 and to not achieve anything in spite of all your potential is depressing but there are still a lot of things that he can do in his life and if you’re consistent at encouraging and helping him, then he’ll be able to cope up. I’ll attach some sites below that might be able to help you and your friend.

How To Help A Friend With ADHD

How To Help A Friend With ADHD

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It can be tough to help a pal who has ADHD but you understand his situation and you love him. Understand the insights in this article and help your buddy.

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Watch this video especially if you know how to help a friend with ADHD

Dating Someone With ADHD

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  • Sue C March 28, 2009, 9:42 pm

    Nothing to worry about w/his ADHD. There are LOTS of folks w/that. I have a granddaughter & her dad also has it. There are lots of medications available for it & it's nothing to worry about. The medications w/help regulate his thinking & he'll be fine. It's kinda like his mind is speeding & going in a lot of different directions & it's hard to focus on one thing at a time. Not to worry, just have him go see a Dr. & he'll be fine. Best to you both. Everything w/be OK…