I only feel my baby's movements down really low… does that mean he's breech?

I am 26.5 weeks and have an anterior placenta so I have only been feeling kicks & movements since week 21-22. However, I have only ever felt them down really low, in my bladder, cervix, and lower abdomen. I haven't ever felt anything at or above my belly button… I know that some people carry "lower" than others, so that's probably the case, but does this also sound like my son is breech? I know that if he IS, he has plenty of weeks to change positions, but if he hasn't by now, why would he later?

At what week would the doctor start to be concerned with his position and how exactly would he know if he was breech or not?
Thanks Ashley M, but um… my baby is WAY bigger than 2 or 3 inches, and I do feel regular movement… so I'm not really sure what you're talking about..

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    26 weeks here and I have the same thing. I think they actually have more room at the moment when they lay like that. [just my own personal opinion on it =)] and then later they turn around. I've heard the rib kicks hurt, so at any rate I'm happy the baby is lower at the moment =)

    They can tell by feel [baby's head feels different than the feet to them, since they do it all the time] if the baby is breech or not, usually they start doing that around 34 weeks, they can externally rotate the baby… sometimes they'll use ultrasound to help. But a lot of times they won't bother trying to rotate the baby until 38 or 39 weeks… because the baby can still flip at any moment [lol even DURING delivery] and sometimes they decide to just flip back breech anyway lol.

    I think its innate in babies to flip themselves near delivery. A majority of them end up in the normal cephalic position [head down] and I think its a very few that remain breech.

    Best of luck!