I Think I Am Depressed

I think I am depressed. It’s like I have extremely low self-confidence about myself. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to go out anywhere even to places I used to like going. I don’t hang out with friends anymore like how I used to.

All I want to do is sit at home and watch anime. I have to make myself go to college every morning. Sometimes I would just be doing something than just stop and start looking into space for about 1-3 mins before I snap out of it, and I sometimes think about stuff like suicide and the best way to do it.

And I am only 16 :/

Also, 3 years ago I got told I had Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). And I never took any medications for it.

Depression And ADHD

To answer your query, depression can be really dangerous. In fact, it can be more hazardous than smoking. A lot of people die from depression. A lot of people are still alive yet they are dead from the inside but don’t worry because it’s not too late yet.

Depression and loneliness can be cured. ADHD has a remedy. For sure, there’s a lot of people out there who are loving you. You can pursue your spirituality. Below are some helpful links to understand depression and ADHD better. 

Is It Depression or ADHD? – ADDitude
ADHD is connected with depression. People who aren’t acting normally in the society are being judged and they’re aware of it, and they became depressed because of that. Learn a lot from this write-up such as ADHD and depression in children, ADHD, and depression treatment, and can ADHD lead to depression.

ADHD and Depression: What’s the Link? – Healthline
They mirror one another. To have ADHD can be depressing but you should not let it make you feel down for a long time. Just to think of it, there are a number of successful people who are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and like them, you can become triumphant in your endeavors.

adhd and depression treatment

ADHD and Depression Treatment

The Crash: What It’s Like to Be Depressed With ADHD
It can become really depressing but you should not let ADHD take over your life. You should control your life. You should become successful.

Read these wonderful articles too from Psych Central and ADD Adults for more helpful information.

Never struggle in your studies and work again. Learn more about ADHD and depression treatment today.

Dating Someone With ADHD

Just Learn Tips For Dating Someone With ADHD

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  • Jim L March 13, 2009, 4:49 am

    Sounds like you are in a depression and it certainly appears that you suffer with ADHD. You need to speak to someone, someone who will listen but not patronise. Even though you need to do that you always have to remember that ONLY YOU CAN HELP YOU. When you feel down, remove yourself from that moment in time. I mean, do something completely different, if you are watching TV and get them kind of thoughts get up and have a bath or make a coffee. By doing this you will be turning away from the negatives and your mind will be removed from that point in time. Also accept who you are and where you are in your life (upbringing, age, social interests…that sort of thing), Understanding and accepting that will be a good platform for you to build your confidence and self esteem.