If my baby's feet are pointing upwards, why do I feel movement in my lower abdomen? I'm 19 weeks.?

I feel lots of movement in the lower abdomen, but feel nothing up high where the feet should be.
I had an ultrasound where they said the head was down and the feet were up. He was adorable.
Oh… and for those of you who think I'm ignorant. Pardon, this is my first child. I just assumed that a child's arms wouldn't be as strong as his legs and it is in adults. I'm not 16 or anything… I'm almost 30. Please stop being condescending.

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  • hoff_mom January 18, 2009, 8:55 am

    At nineteen weeks, your baby isn't in any fixed position. He/she can still change position regularly; there's still lots of room to move around.

    Also, the fundus of your uterus should only be about belly-button level right now, so you won't be feeling movement in your rib cage area, yet. At this point, the reason you only feel movement in your lower abdomen is that the baby is contained within your lower abdomen. Believe it or not, some people don't even feel ANY movement at nineteen weeks, let alone specific movement. Whatever you're feeling right now is just fine, so don't worry.

    Edit: Your question is totally understandable, since this is your first pregnancy. I'm sorry you've gotten some fairly obnoxious comments. In all honesty, I don't think people realize how they come off in writing sometimes.

    Here is a link to BabyCenter, to the nineteen weeks page.
    It gives you an idea of what your baby looks like right now, how big it is in proportion to you, etc. Also, you can look through the next several months, week by week, and see how your baby will change. You will notice that the picures show the baby in a variety of positions for a number of weeks more. Sign up at the web site to receive weekly e-mails detailing the changes in your baby and you each week.

    Even though your doctor told you he was in a certain position at the time of your ultrasound, that doesn't mean that your baby is staying in that same position. Some babies switch position even up to the time of delivery, although it becomes more unusual closer to term. But for right now, your baby has the freedom to change position at will. I'm going on 31 weeks, and I am still playing "guess the bump;" sometimes it's the head, sometimes it's the butt, sometimes I'm not sure what it is. But my baby still hasn't committed to the head-down position. Thankfully, he's got nine weeks or so to make up his mind!

    Best wishes for a blessed and healthy pregnancy and birth!!

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