If you are pregnant and you have epilepsy, what happens to the baby when the mom has a siezure?

I have temporal lobe epilepsy that cause complex partial siezures and these lead to nocturnal grand mal siezures. I want to have children but I am very concerned about birth defects. Has anyone been through this?

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  • formerly_bob February 10, 2009, 6:49 am

    Seizures occur in the brain, and besides abnormal brainwaves causing uncontrolled movement or sensations, everything else in the body is generally unaffected. Seizures only affect a fetus if the mother injures the fetus through accidental trauma from falling or some other type of movement, if a seizure happens during delivery, or if the seizures are severe enough to cause the mother to have insufficient oxygen.

    However, some medications prescribed for seizures can cause birth defects, so some meds may need to be suspended during pregnancy.