If you have Hypertension will your blood pressure ever go down without medication?

I am wondering because I have a lot of anxiety and when I take my blood pressure it jumps around depending on how nervous I get. Sometimes it can be 140/90 and sometimes 121/76. I was wondering if I had Hypertension would my blood pressure ever be able to go down to normal or is it just always high for people with Hypertension? So if mine is 121/76 just once I should be OK?


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  • kim February 10, 2009, 4:48 am

    Normally when a doctor notice high blood pressure he repeat the measurements after few days to confirm if it is a persisting hypertension or it was related to by passing case like being afraid, worried, tensioned, or due to phisical hard work.

    If the blood pressure remained high after few days or a week, most probably the doctor would request the following:

    1- Reduce your weight if you are over weighted

    2- Quit smoking if you smoke

    3- Revise your diet to reduce fats, salt and salty food, and spices. Increase your intake of vegitables and fruits

    4-Practice sports like walking or any reasonable sport you like except the tough ones that will have negative impact.

    5- Be cool, take it easy, when you have a situation don't panic or over-react, avoid hot arguments, nothing worth destroying your life, and don't be tension while driving.

    After few weeks or a month visit your doctor again.
    The above steps should reduce your blood pressure if it was not essential pressure or not related to any medical defect in your body, but if your pressure is still high then it will be essential blood pressure or prssure resulting from other deseases and your doctor will be able to diagnose it.

    When high blood pressure is confirmed after applying the 5 steps above , most probably the doctor will start treatmnet will medicines and the type of medicine depends on the nature and source of the high blood pressure .


    The doctor will treat the desease that has caused the high blood pressure.

    If you have observed the fluctuation in your blood pressure recently, try first the 5 steps above and after few weeks or month mesure you bloob pressure again, hope it will be normal.

    Take care , you can mange with blood pressure but don't ignore it , it has nasty effects on the long run especially on the heart and kidneys.
    Wish you good health.