I'm 18 and have osteoarthritis AND 3 herniated disks. I HAVE to lose weight, any tips???

I'm not horridly overweight, just moderately, and I was just told that I need to lose weight, or I'm going to be in a wheelchair by the time I'm 25 or 30.
I've got osteoarthritis in my spine, 3 bulging disks, Fibromyalgia, and this extra weight is making it a hell of a lot worse.

I need to lose 20-30 pounds, and I want to lose at least 15 of it pretty soon.
I'm 5'2", 170-178lbs, large frame (according to the whole wrist/finger ratio) and the "healthy" weight for someone my height is supposedly 120.
If you saw me, you'd know that I would look deathly ill at 120, so my goal weight will eventiually be 145.
For now I'm just hoping to get down under 160!
My goal by the first week of september is to have lost 10 pounds.

What tips can you give me on how to not only LOSE the weight (safely, no pills or crash diets), but keep it OFF and keep in shape?

Thank you all so much!
BTW, I didn't mean I wanted to lose 10 pounds in a week, I meant that BETWEEN now and the first week of september I wanted to lose it.

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  • Cherasch March 27, 2009, 9:59 am

    After I had Open Heart Surgery I could not do any exercise due to an extremely weak heart from years of disease and then from the surgery. During the illness I gained 115 lbs. and due to lack of ability to do any exercise I was completely out of shape and unable to do any exercise. Due to a multitude of medications I was unable to take any diet pills. BUT…I lost 60 lbs in 6 months by eating less of my regular diet. Once the weight started coming off I was slowly able to start walking more and I mean around the backyard once a day or climb the basement stairs twice in a day. I will say eating protein (eggs, bacon,cheese) for breakfast seemed to help control my hunger so that I did not want to snack during the day and I have always been a big water drinker. I am a definite believer in eating a regular diet but less of it – something that you can live with for the rest of your life. I am not a person that will stay on a special diet forever. I have now kept the weight off for a year and a half and have hit the 70 lb mark. I can out walk my husband and sometimes I feel when I take my ChowChow for a walk I am dragging him home. You have to find what works for you. But start with eating less of your regular diet. You may feel hungry at first. Just remember…..You learned how to feel over full when you gained the weight….Now you have to learn how to feel hungry, it won't hurt you. If you feel hungry, don't go to the kitchen – go do something with your hands, pull some weeds, fold some clothes, answer some Yahoo questions – the hunger will go away and another pound will come off.

    Good Luck!