Is ADHD A Gift Or Disorder?

I have ADHD and I refuse to consider it as a disorder and prefer the acronym: ADHG (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Gift).I think differently to other people and that is a gift I think.

ADHD Is A Gift

First of all, I am thankful for you thinking that what you have is a gift rather than a disorder.

Now, to answer your query, I believe that ADHD is a gift. You might have lost some opportunities in the past but you can still live a colorful life. You might have a lot of friends in social media and in the real world and you might have a lot of dream. Just want to say kudos to everything that you want to do in life. Below are some links that can shed more light to your situation.

ADHD is a gift

ADHD is a gift

Can ADHD Be a Gift? – WebMD
It is without a doubt that ADD can be a gift. It depends upon your perspective in life. Learn more about ADHD disorder or gift and ADHD gifts for adults in this good scientific article that is wonderfully written.

The Creative Gifts of ADHD – Scientific American Blog Network
To have ADHD can be a gift if you’ll take things on a positive note. To have ADHD will never be a curse if you have a positive outlook in life and there are a lot of people around who’re loving you unconditionally.

Benefits (Yes Benefits!) of Having ADD/ADHD – Hallowell Center
There might be doubts in the beginning that it is not a benefit to have ADHD but upon understanding your situation and potential, everything will be alright.

There are a lot of insights about ADHD is a gift in this video so you definitely need to watch and share it.

Dating Someone With ADHD

Just Learn Tips For Dating Someone With ADHD

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  • a girl with a dream March 20, 2009, 2:26 pm

    Disorder : many people say that it is a disorder cause you have al these problems and stuff like that.

    BUT i really think its a GIFT cause adhd people are the most creative thinkers you can passably imagine. They are able to take something plain and ordinary and make it seem real spectacular.