ADHD Bad Parenting, Know Better

Is ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) An Excuse For Bad Parenting?

my sister has 3 sons diagnosed with ADHD, when they don’t take tablets, and get in trouble, the excuse is, I forgot my tablet, personally i had a son who was worse, but we persisted with discipline, and corrective action. consequence, hes grown into a fine hardworking respectful young man.

So is ADHD an excuse for parents who cant be bothered, or are incapable, and also good for the attendance allowance. not all cases i agree. but that’s why I’masking. I don’t know.

To answer your query, it isn’t a reason for parents to treat their kid badly just because he is suffering from ADHD. In fact, parents who have a child who is deficient in something should love their kid thrice. They should give him all the attention that they can give. We should love people who are ill. We should love those who are more imperfect than us so they won’t feel bad about their existence and the world.

ADHD parenting will never be an excuse. I have attached several links below. They are articles that will inform you. Hoping the best for your situation.

ADHD Bad Parenting, Understand Better

ADHD Bad Parenting, Understand Better

ADHD Bad Parenting

Bad parenting – What Causes ADHD? 12 Myths and Facts – Health …
You’ll learn a lot about ADHD bad parenting through this write-up. There are lots of myths and facts that you can digest through this article. If you really want to become a good parent to your kid whether he has a malady or not, nothing and nobody can stop you to become the best parent that you can be.

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  • amyaz_98 January 18, 2009, 1:54 am

    I think some parents use it as an excuse and some don't. I grew up with ADD (without hyperactivity) and don't believe the medications are a cure all. I don't think the medications are good at all and good discipline and behavioral techniques are a better way to go. I adapted and learned to work with ADD as opposed to using it as an excuse. My teachers always thought I was lazy and didn't want to pay attention. As you know, it has nothing to do with your I.Q., it has to do with how you process information. I didn't find out about mine until I had myself tested in my late 20's. Then I was able to learn how to deal with it and work with it. So, to answer your question, it sounds like your nephews are using lack of medication to get away with things they should be made to take responsibility for. Medications can be used as a tool but they won't control the behavior. I don't believe all parents or kids use the "lack of medication" excuse though. One of my best friends took her son to something called "Brain Gym" to deal with his ADHD because she didn't want to put him on medication. It really worked. Studies are finding the medications can do more harm in the long run than good.