Is Amyloidosis Life Threatening?

The severity of amyloidosis depends on which organs it affects. It can be life threatening if it causes kidney or heart failure. If the amyloidosis affects the kidneys, their ability to filter the blood becomes impaired. … The buildup of amyloid in the heart lessens its ability to fill up with blood between heartbeats…Read More..


Image Of Amyloidosis Sign And Symptoms
Amyloidosis Sign And Symptoms

How Do You Test For Amyloidosis?

The biopsy may be taken from your abdominal fat, bone marrow, or an organ such as your liver or kidney. Tissue analysis can help determine the type of amyloid deposit. Imaging tests. Images of the organs affected by amyloidosis can help establish the extent of your disease…See More..


What Is AL Amyloidosis? Must Watch This Video

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