is diabetis only eccess of sugar or is it also lack of sugar?

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  • John W April 2, 2009, 2:31 am

    ** UK ANSWER **

    Its both…

    That's why there are two types of reaction, hyper (Too much) and hypo (Not enough)..

    Diabetics cant control the body's own regulator of sugar (Insulin) and have to test themselves a lot to ensure that the sugar levels inside the body are within normal limits (Between 4-7mmols (Fasting) and 4-11mmols (After food)
    (These number can vary depending on the patient)
    They can also suffer from a variety of ailments that require very special care..
    BTW: re answer above type 1 diabetes is NOT caused by the patients weight, although type 2 can be.. NO-ONE WHO IS DIABETIC IS AT FAULT FOR HAVING THIS DISEASE!!