Is it possible to have Fibromyalgia without Tender Points?

I have so many symptoms of it, it really started about 2 months later after having a flu like illness. I’ve had a CBC done, my sed rate checked, urine samples, stool samples, mri’s, ct scans, an HIV test (negative), electrolytes, thyroid, and a panel for celiac disease. Everything has come back normal. Onetime my WBC count was a little elevated (10.9), I had a fatty tissue in my head, but it had disappeared later and my celaic AGA levels were a little high, not too much. But I heard AGA tests aren’t even that reliable because they’re wrong a lot of the time. I had the HIV test done 7 months after getting cut at a manicurist’s and 3 months after one of my friend’s drank out of my soda can’s. I’m very paranoid about catching stuff. I even had an ANA screen done (antinuclear antibodies) to check for any presence of autoimmune diseases. I did get diagnosed with ehlers danlos syndrome (classical type) and I heard people with EDS can also develop FMS. So, is it possible to have fibromyalgia
without any tender points? Thanks!

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  • justmeinthisworld January 18, 2009, 9:22 am

    yes it is possible to have FMS without the doc finding TENDERPOINTS (not trigger points)

    this may be because the doc was a half inch off—I have not found a doc that is accurate at finding tehright spot–they will press-I'll be fine–but if tehy move over a half inch-it'll hurt..

    you need to address your mental helath issues before you even consider a fms diagnosis–HIV isn't spread by sharign a soda can….

    i looked up ehlers danlos syndrome —it's the symdrome itslef that is probably causing your symptoms—not another condition

    FMS is highly overdiagnosed by doctors who use it as a general label for pain..

    one thing you didn't mention was a complete work up for MOno

    I had it for 3 months before a doc did a blood test–you need teh full mono panel (past infection, current, recovering) not teh simple positive negative test)