is it possible to have type 1 or 2 diabetes for a long time but tests still come back normal?

i have almost all the symptoms but they arent really THAT bad. I went to the doctor and most of my tests came back normal (fasting was a little high-115) but is it possible to still end up getting type one or type 2 diabetes?

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  • ww_je April 6, 2009, 2:29 pm

    Two cases here.

    Type 1. No insulin. Death in weeks / months if untreated. You don't have type 1. You could get it, as it's an auto-immune disease really, triggered in those with susceptibitliy by an infection, for instance, German measles.

    Type 2. Many body cells decide to stop listening to insulin (more, or less). There are degrees of severity depending on cell deafness. The precise cause is not known, but relatives with type 2 increase your changes a lot. As well, fat, especially abdominal fat in and around the abdominal organs, is clearly implicated. Above some amount, the fat starts producing hormones which seem to push those with the tendency over the edge. Less of that fat, it doesn't send the signals. Very odd, and not well understood. You could be developing Type 2, but your reading doesn't really show it. Wait a while and retest. Whether you get it or not is dependent on your heredity (can't do anything about that), and on what are called "lifestyle" issues. Type 2 used to be called obesity related diabetes with some reason. Those you can do something about.

    What to do:
    If you can lose a little weight, especially abdominal weight, changes go down. Lack of exercise is also clearly implicated, and again the mechanism is not clear. it may be, though this is even less clear, that high consumption of fructose (like in the soft drinks) is also involved. And the same with trans fats, also known as hydrogenated fats. Avoid 'em. Saturated fats are much less of issue, though the mono unsaturated sort seem to be best. Olive oil, canola oil, ….

    There are pretty much an infinite number of diabetes symptoms. Just about anything can be one which means that it shares symptoms with everything from exhaustion to hangnail. Today, with meters widely available, the only real way to tell is with a blood test, not from symptoms. In your case, your reading, if accurate and if fasting, is not diagnostic for diabetes. But it is a little hgh, so you should be retested in a few months.