Is Prohibition Against Any And All Alcoholic Beverages For Young People The Best Way To Prevent Alcohol Abuse?

No. This indirectly encourages abuse by making drinking appear to be a mark of maturity or an initiation into adulthood.

To answer your query, prohibition should come with respect. Parents should understand that teenagers usually have a rebellious nature so prohibiting them from what they want to do can cause anger and arguments. If you want to make your son or daughter aware about alcohol abuse or drug abuse, the best way is to talk to him or her about the consequences. Don’t just scold if your children will drink, give them scenarios of what can happen. And make them feel that you’re not just a parent but a friend. I will attach several links below that might help.

Understand The Pros And Cons Of Alcohol Abuse Prohibition

Understand The Pros And Cons Of Alcohol Abuse Prohibition

Alcohol Abuse Prohibition

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Actually, Prohibition Was a Success –
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  • Andre' F February 5, 2009, 11:36 pm

    No, because the more you keep telling someone they can not do something, the more they are going to get curious as to the why. I say try to be honest and explain to them what it is all about. Take the person to an area and let them witness what they will become. To put it mildly prohibition may actually encourage alcoholism because of a miss-communication on a bad day that may lead to wait till I get older. Although, some people never look at it that way.