Is there A correlation between fibromyalgia and diet pills that have been used over a long time; not phenfen?

__ I am not trying to lose weight, but I have used prescription diet pills during my teenagre and 20's. My friend has also and ahe has severe fibromyalgia just like me.

__What is this technique that is only 3 minutes. i have tried everything, and fibromyalgia just does what t wants to. If thee is a relief, it is a coincidence at the time of whatever treatment the person is doing at the time, What is your 3 minute cure?? Thanks

Written By Nurse007

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  • justmeinthisworld January 28, 2009, 7:16 am

    I have never heard of a correlation

    FMS is a disorder of teh central nervous system.

    there is no CURE–anybody claiming to have a cure is a quack–real FMS cannot be cured