Is there a good way to prevent acne without medicine?

I’ve had acne problems since I was twelve, for eight years. I’m twenty now and its not nearly as bad as it once was but sometimes i have breakouts. I’ve been on every acne medication known to man, most of it worked to some extent but the majority of oral medications have dangerous side effects and I’m quite sick of the topical stuff, it makes my face so dry and I have heard it increases the risk of skin cancer.

So what can i do to get rid of this acne, Right now I’m just washing my face about four times a day and using clearasil cream every night, but its really messing up the skin on my face. I don’t have many acne problems when I use it, though. I’ve heard all the advice about acne like don’t touch your face, don’t eat greasy foods, etc. I’m doing all this stuff, but still having some problems. Is there a natural way to prevent this acne?

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Some people experience acne while they’re still young while others have their first outbreak when they’re already in their late teens. Don’t worry too much if you’re afraid of medicine because there are lots of options at treating acne naturally. You can comfortably treat your acne and acne scars at home.

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Is there a good way to prevent acne without medicine

Don’t let anxiety about your acne bring you down because there are effective ways to prevent acne without medicine.

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  • Sam G February 22, 2009, 2:27 pm

    There are two good ways to get prevent acne without medicine!! One is drink a lot of water because that way you can hydrate your skin and relieve unwanted moisture(sweat) faster. Two, exercise so that way you sweat. When you sweat your pores open up and you wash away the dirt and oil, so drink all the water you want and then some and that should help. Might not always work but hey It works!!