Is there a surgery for type 2 diabetes to temporarily stop the need of insulin?

I know there is a procedure available for type 1 diabetes that works for 2-3 years (animal transplant that eventually gets rejected by the human immune system) but does it work with type 2 diabetes?

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  • Wendy February 1, 2009, 7:06 am

    I'm sorry to say the answer is no…..

    Unlike type 1 diabetics who produce little or no insulin, type 2 diabetics who make up 90-95% of the diabetic population for the most part produce an adequate supply of insulin, many times with the help of oral medications to help stimulate the pancreas into producing and releasing more insulin. Type 2's can also use a longer acting insulin to help in controlling their blood sugars.

    The main issue with Type 2's is that they are to some degree insulin resistant, which means that the insulin their body produces is not making it's way into the cells of the body to release the excess glucose, thus a buildup of glucose occurs and remains in the blood causing blood sugars to elevate to higher than normal levels which over time causes damage to body systems and organs. Which is why many type 2's need to take oral medications to help the cells to become less insulin resistant.

    Since it deals with the cells of the body, surgery would not be an option.

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