Is there anything that can be done to cure E D caused by diabetes?

My fiance has diabetes and one of the side effects is erectile disfunction. We want to have kids some day but I am afraid that it may not happen. Does anyone have any advice on what to do?

Written By Nurse007

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  • onlymatch4u March 30, 2009, 9:53 pm

    Diabetes is a condition not the cause of ED. The same process that is causing the diabetes, if it type 2 I am assuming, is contributing most likely to the ED.

    If you eat lots of carbs, especially low density carbs and lots of grains found in typical American diets, you will be putting your body in a state of stress that can bring on the insulin resistance in each of your cells. There is a hormone produced in the adipose tissue called Leptin that is released based on calories level in your body. When the calories come primarily from carbs, your adipose tissue thinks you are in a starvation mode. When the calories come from fat, the opposite happens. So LOW fat diets are really bad for most people, but even worse for diabetics.

    The steroid hormones that are produced in the liver require pregnenalone to make them. This is the same hormone required to make cortisol, the stress hormone. If your diet consists of lots of carbs and little fat and protein, the insulin and glucagon spikes will cause the adrenal glands to kick in to help the body because it will believe it is in a “stress” mode. When this happens, the adrenals do what is called, a “pregnenalone steal.” This uses up the pregnenalone that is being produced to make cortisol and the body’s systems, like the liver, reprioritize and STOP MAKING THE STEROID HORMONES (the sex hormones).

    In order to full address this issue, you should go on a good Blood Sugar Handling Diet that will stabilize your blood sugar and then allow you to address the endocrine issues. After being on the Blood Sugar Handling diet for about 2 weeks, you can focus your attention on your diet that will include “GOOD FATS and OILS.” You will have to avoid all the bad fats and oils because they are contributing to your problem. You should, as I said, avoid ALL Grains because they all contain lots of phytic acid that binds to your minerals and removes them from your body and you need those minerals in conjunction with your good fats to produce endocrine cells and hormones.

    FATS and OILS to avoid: ALL VEGETABLE OILS, including soybean, canola, cottonseed, and corn oils. These are highly inflammatory to the body and contribute to the toxic build up in fat tissue. Avoid ALL trans fats, fried foods, and all hydrogenated oils!

    Make a mixture of three oils that will give you a very good content of mixed fatty acids that will nourish your body: 1/3 Olive Oil, 1/3 Sesame Seed Oil, and 1/3 coconut oil. Use this mixture in all cooked foods where you need to use oil and in salads as well. I mix this oil mixture in salads with balsamic vinegar for a real tasty salad dressing.

    The condition of your liver and gallbladder will make a big difference in the way you produce good sex hormones. AVOID all TOFU products because that destroys your libido. That’s what it was originally developed to do. It works.

    Avoid ALL SOY oproducts and anything with soy in it. It greatly affects your thyroid and metabolism in a negative way. You CAN eat fermented soy like the Japanese people do, soy sauce, miso, and natto.

    I would an appointment with a Certified Nutritional Therapist to have them test you and recommend a good diet for you.

    good luck