I've just been diagnosed with the Epstein Barr virus. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or Fibromyalgia also?

How can I find out if I have Chronic Fatigue and or Fibromyalgia

Written By Nurse007

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  • Rhea A February 17, 2009, 2:18 pm

    A lot of people test positive for Epstein Barr virus. It seems if your doctor thought you had one of these others, he would have mentioned it. It could be a lot of things, or nothing at all. You could just be carrying it, or have a virus like Mono or Cytomegalavirus. Again, though, I think that would have been diagnosed.

    A significant percentage of the population would test positive for the Epstein Barr antibody if they were tested, don’t jump to conclusions.
    Good luck, and go back to your doctor.