What It’s Like to Have Blue Light Therapy for Acne

Blue light therapy for acne is one of the operational procedures that helps eradicate the acnes present. However, this kind of treatment does not work well in targeting those bacteria mounted deep in the skin pores. An acne treatment plan is needed to maintain wellness of the skin.


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How does blue light therapy for acne works?

Acnes are from our clogged pores. Pores are clogged because of dirt and dry skin cells. Our pores are the ones in charge with making sebum which maintains hydration of our skin. Sometimes, this results in excreting excess oils, which leave a film-like substance that clogs our pores, making it an attractive habitat for bacteria. And this event leads to infection in the pores, causing acne to grow on it. Sometimes, it gets more infected with dirt, leaving us with inflamed acnes.


Acnes are caused by bacteria which usually live in our pores, although some of them lives deeper in the pores. By exposing our skin to blue light, the membranes are broken down and the bacteria are targeted.


Using laser blue lights, or also known as photodynamic therapy acne, pinpoints where the bacteria really are. But laser treatments are required to be done for more than 2 sessions, at least and these are done by dermatologists alone. This process cannot get rid of the pimples 100%; however, improvements are easily and immediately seen after a session.


UV Light and Blue Light

Unlike UV light that is being emitted by the sun, blue light is the light that we technically see. This treatment is advisable only if you have that spare amount to pay for such treatment because it is expensive.


Light Therapy for Acne

Light therapy for acne is a treatment wherein it only deals with the blemishes and the present acnes while blue light therapy for acne targets and kills the cause of the acne’s occurrence.


Light therapy for acne has different kinds of treatment. In fact, blue light therapy for acne is best paired with red light therapy that concentrates on preventing inflammation or reducing it at least. Light therapy acne treatments are considered okay if used as directed and properly with only minimal amount of light emitted directly on the skin.


Is it enough?

blue light therapy for acne

Is blue light therapy for acne enough to have and maintain a flawlessly looking skin? Well, think again. Blue light therapy may have helped you kill the bacteria on your pores and the red light therapy might have done its part in making your pores shrink to reduce sebum production, but these two treatments are not enough, yes. You read that right. These are not enough to have and maintain acne-free and flawless skin.
No guts, no glory. After treating your skin with these treatments, you now have to consider buying cleansers, lotion, and facial washes that would suit your skin. Remember that healthy-looking, fresh, and flawless skin is up to you, your determination, and your perseverance. Take good care of your skin!

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