Little Known Facts About Back Acne Products – and Why They Matter

Almost 17 million Americans are suffering from pesky acne problems. With this number, many people affected by this skin condition resort to buying over the counter medications that promise fast relief from acne. Little do they know that back acne products may contain substances that may trigger serious side effects and acne outbreaks when not used properly. Read more about What Causes Acne.

Little Known Facts About Acne Products

Here are some little known facts about acne products that can be of great help to you in dealing with and keeping your acne skin condition under control. Also, it gives you awareness of the possible side effects of combined drugs and its interaction with one another and with herbal remedies.back acne products

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  • Topical Retinoids and Benzoyl Peroxide. While a combination of these drugs can work effectively in getting rid of acne, it can also cause skin redness and dryness and may make the skin sunlight-sensitive.
  • Oral antibiotics. While oral antibiotic can help in getting rid of acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation of the affected areas, it can also cause sensitivity to sunlight and an upset stomach. It may also cause susceptibility to yeast infection.


    • Over-the-counter acne products. Some over-the-counter acne skin care products can cause or trigger mild to serious allergic reactions and irritations. Seek emergency medical attention if you have developed these symptoms:
          • Tightness of throat
          • Difficulty in breathing
          • Swelling of the face or tongue
          • Feeling faint


  • Isotretinoin. This acne medication is commonly used by patients with severe nodular acne that does not respond to other forms of treatment. This medication which is commonly sold under the name Accutane, Claravis, Sotret, and Amnesteem are not recommended for pregnant and planning to get pregnant women within the duration of the treatment.


Back acne products containing this substance in high dosage can cause serious birth defects in a developing fetus. Furthermore it is also vital for women taking this acne skin treatment to not get pregnant within 30 days after treatment completion to avoid this kind of risk.

Other possible side effects of products containing isotretinoin are dry eyes, nose, mouth, lips, and skin. It can also cause itching, muscle ache, nosebleed, poor night vision, sensitivity to the sun, and changes in the blood and liver functions.

Take note that most acne medications are not advisable to pregnant women, so better consult your physician first before using any topical or oral medication, or any acne treatment for sensitive skin.

Advantage of Knowing Your Acne Product

Knowing more about the acne product you are using can help you prepare for possible side effects, prevent serious acne outbreak as a side effect of the medication, and avoid health problems. Knowledge of your product’s contents can also help you gauge its effectiveness.

While back acne products can be of great help in managing acne outbreaks, it also poses several side effects that we should be cautious of to prevent serious health conditions. Also, working closely with your dermatologist can lessen the risk of serious side effects.

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