Lung cancer – Mesothelioma? Do you know much about it?

I have been lucky, and have not had to deal with the nastiness of cancer. My grandpa has Mesothelioma, the cancer from asbestos. He has been in Stage 4 for the past 3 years and has defied all of the odds. They originally only gave him a couple months to a year to live, but Chemo has worked wonders. He just had a scan and the results showed it has increased in size significantly, so the last round of Chemo didn't work. This has caused his ability to breathe to decrease, and the changed his Chemo. He had his treatment with the new stuff on Friday, and they rushed him to the hospital today because of his inability to breathe.

My question is are these signs of the beginning of the end? I know this form of cancer will eventually suffocate him, and he does have a living will, so oxygen is the only form of assistance he will receive. How long will oxygen help? I am very saddened by all of this and would hate to see him suffer for long like this. He is a good man and doesn't deserve to die like this. Do your organs shut down due to lack of oxygen? Anyone with experience with Mesothelioma or that knows about this and can give me some insight, I'd appreciate any details no matter how graphic. I just want to know what to expect.
Don't go into all of the herbs and stuff you can take to beat cancer. We know he is dying and cannot beat this. I really appreciate the thought though.
I know they cannot tell us when he will die, but I feel so helpless. Thanks for the link, but I have read everything out there about this and really was hoping to find someone who knows about this type of cancer first hand.

Written By Evie Neumann

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  • Denisedds March 18, 2009, 12:18 pm

    I understand where you are coming from. You just want the facts not someone to try to make you feel better (as if that is possible at this point). Although I deal with cancer everyday I really don’t know the answer to your question and honestly his oncologist would know the answer specifically to your grandfather better than anyone. However, I am on my way to a tumor board now and will ask one of the oncologist when I’m there and edit my answer when I return.

    EDIT: According to one of my oncologists most often death is due to heart failure.

    Now for the rest of your question., there is a small chance the new chemo may help pull him out of this for awhile, but it is more likely this is the beginning of the end. You will know when he loses weight, sleeps more, tires easily, coloring changes, gets confused and he doesn’t want to eat or drink much.

    You may want to look into hospice so that when you and your family are ready, you have a plan. They help the entire family not just the patient and they are wonderful people. I am very sorry you and your grandfather have to go through this. May God bless both of you.

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