Marriages Break Up Because Of Infidelity, Money Troubles And Alcohol Abuse,Why No Proposition To Forbid Those?

Marriages are threatened by money troubles, lies, adultery and divorce. Where’s the propositions prohibiting those
I stole this question from an answer to another question.

Why not legislatively forbid anyone with a DUI from getting married?

Why not forbid anyone who doesn’t make three times minimum wage from getting married?

Why not forbid anyone who isn’t a virgin from getting married?
Desi, careful, the question 2 in California is similar to Prop 8 in California

Broken Marriages Because Of Alcohol Abuse

To answer your question, any church or religion can make two people in love get married. Sometimes alcohol abuse, money troubles, and infidelity just happens after marriage. And tough financial times happen, that makes a person succumbs to alcohol. In such cases, couples should remember their vow, which is to stick through thick and thin as much as possible.

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A Marriage Can Be Broken Because Of Alcohol Abuse

A Marriage Can Be Broken Because Of Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism and Marriage – Recovery – LoveToKnow
People can still recover from alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Troubled relationships can still be healed. The other party or the family of the abuser should be consistent and they must be dedicated at helping.

Alcoholism and Marriage
There’s a lot to learn from this wonderful article such as alcoholism and marriage statistics, effects of living with an alcoholic spouse, alcoholism and marriage can they coexist, tips for spouses of alcoholics, should you divorce an alcoholic, and divorcing an alcoholic wife.

Addiction and Spirituality
This is something to be downloaded and read because eventually spirituality is something that all of us will seek especially those who are burned out already.

For other fine articles about alcohol abuse, read these great write-ups from Huffington Post and Divorce Statistics.

A great video for anyone who knows someone who’s suffering from alcohol abuse.

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  • Desi April 11, 2009, 1:53 am

    Haha! You stole the question from me!

    Vote Obama 08, and if you’re in California, vote No on Prop 8.

    One more plug – vote Yes on Prop 2 for animal rights.