Master Your Normal Blood Sugar Range in 3 Ways

Blood sugars are sometimes unpredictable, which may get high or low depending on different situations. What is the normal blood sugar range
and what can one do to retain it at its normal blood sugar? (Read more about Low Blood Sugar)


What are healthy glucose levels?

A healthy glucose level stays on the normal range. Glucose levels between 70-99 mg/dL is considered the normal blood sugar range if checked after an overnight without eating but a glucose level less than 140 mg/dL is also considered normal blood sugar if diagnosed 2 hours after a meal.


There are 3 main ways we can manage and maintain the normal blood sugar range:

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  1. Keep yourself busy with physical activities daily.

Doing physical activities daily would keep your body in the normal blood sugar range. Having a 30-minute cardio and aerobics can give you a significant change in body condition and help you cope up with this disease. It is only a small time you need to give to maintain yourself safe and healthy with regard to this disease. This, however, is not okay if youhave type 1 diabetes and urine ketones are found in your body.


  1. Eat a balanced diet

Always check what and how much you eat, as this may be one of the reasons behind your high blood glucose level. Avoid eating too much and too little of things; rather, eat anything you want but always in moderation.

You should also eat small portions of meal throughout the day rather than have three large meals. Blood sugar sometimes varies because of starvation.

Concentrate on fibers. The more fiber you put in your diet, such as eating whole-grains, fruits, and veggies, the slower the rise of your blood sugar because these foods have carbohydrates that are harder to digest. This will result to a steadier blood sugar level. A diet concentrated on fiber, though not digested, may also help you lose weight because fibers will make you feel filled up.

You can try and sprinkle some cinnamon onyour whole-grain bread or breakfast cereal. Cinnamon helps make insulin work more effectively while producing enzymes that would burn up glucose.

Drink milk even if you are overweight, as dairy products can significantly reduce your risk of insulin resistance for almost about 20% because these contain proteins and enzymes that slow the processing of food sugar into blood sugar.

You can drink or eat grapefruit. A study proved that consuming even half a grapefruit with each meal would help us lose pounds and even lower our insulin and glucose levels.


  1. Create a Healthy Lifestylenormal blood sugar range healthy lifestyle

Getting a good night’s sleep is another important way, which is why  we should consider putting it into our schedule. Lack of sleep plays a significant role on the increase and decrease of our blood sugar levels. Best length of sleep is from 6-8 hour. Anything beyond that range is also bad for your body.

Practice relaxation exercises. You better get up and treat yourself sometimes. Indulge yourself in relaxation by deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or simply meditation. These are some ways of avoiding stress. A study made by the Duke University stated that a hundred people had improvement in their blood sugar levels due to these.

Always have and maintain a monthly check-up. It is always best for us to be checked by a physician. Before anything goes out of hand, we can be sure if everything is okay in our body and we are assured that it’s not yet too late to treat any form of disorder that is developing in our system.
This sums up the different ways on how to keep your body at a normal blood sugar range. It doesn’t necessarily entail doing a lot. It’s just simply taking care of yourself.

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