Mesothelioma (What to exspect?)?

My Aunt was diagnosed with this about two months ago. The doctors have told our family it is inoperable. The symptoms she is having now is flluid buildup in her lungs which has to be removed about every 4 days. I wanted to know if anyone knows what to exspect from here. They will give her a kimo treatment in a few days, but I wonder if this will do any good. If anyone can tell me about how long someone with this lives once it gets to this stage. Thank you so much, any help will be greatly appreciated.
I wanted to know is it time to call hospice or how long we should wait?

Written By Evie Neumann

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  • Denisedds March 29, 2009, 9:53 pm

    Rhonda, I am sorry to hear about your aunt. Unfortunately, we do not have an effective treatment for Mesothelioma. Chemo will not cure her if that is what you mean by do any good. They are most likely giving it to her hoping she will respond well and give her more time. Her oncologist will know when it’s time to call hospice. It will largely depend on her response to chemo, her overall health and how much assistance she needs. It is impossible for anyone to know how much time she has without having more information. It is best to ask her oncologist and even then it will only be an estimate. Keep in mind doctors usually give patients and their families information in small doses as telling them everything at once is too overwhelming. You and your aunt should keep a list of questions to ask the doctor at each appointment. Just write them down when you think of them. I hope this helps a little. Best of luck to both of you.