Migraines, epilepsy and stroke?

I have a blood disorder; my blood is too thick and the red blood cells (not platelets) tend to clump together. I have a history of TIA's (small strokes), repeated temporary blindness, visual disturbances, disorientation, left-side numbness, aphasia and unsuccessful pregnancies, among a billion other things I don't have the time to list right now. It seems after my most recent pregnancy (also unsuccessful, he died right after birth) my symptoms have worsened. Now the docs can't figure out if I've developed migraines or epilepsy, but at any rate I have "impaired consciousness" and they don't know why. Can this all be related, and if so, is there such a possibility of sudden onset?
By the way, I have no pain with these supposed migraines whatsoever and no aura. I also have no loss of motor control and no tensing, as might be asociated with epilepsy.

Written By Soniamiller

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  • cowboydoc March 24, 2009, 6:50 pm

    I would look for help in a teaching hospital like the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. You have to guarantee them three full days of doctors examining you, then they will tell you or, give you a diagnosis. There are more than several places to stay there your only problem would be, how to get there and, making arraignments.

    I would start by asking my doctor how and when, if he could make these arraignments. If not call them, you may have to bring all your records and, have a paper from your doctor.

    A teaching hospital will give you experts from every branch of medicine that can help you, not just one or two. You sound like a good candidate to me.
    I just spoke to a good friend that has an adopted son there with a brain tumor, and we were just talking about it. Try it please. Good luck.