My Best Friend’s Son Has Most Of The Symptoms Of ADHD, Should I Talk To Her About It?

I suspect that my friends son may have ADHD. I am afraid that she may be offended if I talk to her about my concern. We spend a lot of time together and our children play together. This problem effects my family as well so I have a great concern for them. What should I do?

My Friend’s Son Has ADHD

To answer your query, to have someone who has ADHD in the family is a sensitive issue so you need to become very careful about opening the topic. But if you feel that your friend isn’t that aware of the situation, then you should fine an appropriate moment where you can talk to him about his son. He might be open to that and he might appreciate your gesture especially that you are sincere. Below are several links that can help you out about the situation. 

My ADHD Son Has No Friends: Don't Worry

My ADHD Son Has No Friends: Don’t Worry

Someone to Play With: Finding Friendship for My Child with ADHD
This is a nice article with a lot of insights about having a child who has ADHD. You’ll learn a lot about my ADHD son has no friends, how to tell if my son has ADHD, or how to tell if my son has ADHD.

How Parents Can Help Children with ADHD Make Friends – ADDitude
Some ADHD kids don’t have sufficient social skills which can hinder their emotional and mental growth. This article will give light to topics such as my son has ADHD and is out of control and how to help him cope up with his situation. Parents should collaborate with educators and medical professionals for the sake of the kid who has ADHD.

ADHD Parenting – My ADHD Child Has Trouble Making Friends
It might be hard in the beginning to make friends but through encouragement and proper guidance, your friend’s kid and parents can battle it all out.

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  • sparkle March 22, 2009, 7:13 pm

    This is a very touchy subject. I believe that my bf's nephew has ADHD but for the sake of our relationship I don't mention it, I just limit the amount of time that my son and myself spend with them because his behavior bothers me. If this really is a problem that effects your family then you need to step back and reevaluate how much time you spend with her and her son. Be honest that the child's behavior bothers you but only give her specific things the child does that causes problems. If then she asks to talk about it then have a heart to heart.