My Child Is Hyper But His Teacher Says His Academic Is Good

adhd students in the classroom

ADHD students in the classroom

My son is 6 years old (he will be in grade 1 in the fall) and his teacher says I should meet with him and the resource teacher early next week to discuss my child being hyper. His teacher said that my child has good motor skills and good academic (learning) skills but if he is not doing anything at all in class he is and has been hyper for the past week (wants to play around, run and most of all talks TOO much during snack time).

Does anyone have a child who is hyper and/or talks too much but is smart too? Could a kid have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) but can they also have good motor/academic skills at the same time? I need good advice about this. Please share with me. Thanks!

ADHD Students In The Classroom

To answer your query, children who are hyperactive can excel at academic and sports. They can also become excellent in the arts with fields such as music and painting. It’s a need to consult the resource teacher and school administration so you can identify the exact situation of your kid and how you can handle his plight. 

Don’t worry too much because there are lots of kids who have ADHD but they excel in extra curricular activities and they live a healthy and successful life. You just need to guide them properly and encourage them to become better in every aspect of their being. 

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You should meet with the teacher of your 6 year old son. You should also consult with the school administration if needed. I’m glad that your child is doing good in his academics and has good motor skills.

Teachers should be trained properly at how to handle students who have ADHD. They should be knowledgeable in occupational therapy. They should know the different behavioral patterns of their students and they should be flexible at trying various alternative learning processes to teach kids. This wonderful article from Help Guide is not just for teachers but for parents as well. Learn more about ADHD students in the classroom and ADHD strategies for adults in this wonderful article.

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ADHS pupils have their own way of learning. They have their own phase so teachers and parents should adapt. Learn more about ADHD kids in the classroom through this wonderful write-up from Child Development Info.

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  • trixxxy_23 April 4, 2009, 12:26 am

    for one…he's a BOY! boys have so much energy!! my son was the same way, great in school but just super energy. i used to worry he had ADHD as well but when i asked the doctor and teachers (now in 3rd) they've all said no. so the way i saw it was…..if it's not affecting his school or academics then it's probably not as big of an issue. And you said when he's bored he gets hyper, and talks and runs around? he's just a 6 year old growing boy…… i wouldn't worry, just to be certain ask his pediatrician?