My mom has fibromyalgia?

She's always in pain, she takes norco and oxycotin. She's been to pain clinics, and has seen multiple doctors.
She has been told that her fibromyalgia could have been onset by her getting a gastric bypass, she has also had her galbladder removed, a full hysterectimy, and tummy tuck, and because of the gastric bypass she can't take aspirin.
She has been on many many different medications, even the new medication that is specifically for fibromyalgia, with no luck.
Does anyone know of a way that she can get relief so she can work, and do things comfortably?
My mom has tried lyica and it didn't help at all.
She has also tried cymbalta but it had a reversed affect on her because of her other meds and she bacame very depressed.

Written By Evie Neumann

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