My Mom Just Went Into Treatment For Alcohol Abuse, When She Calls Me What Should We Talk About?

She has always been very secretive about her life and doesn’t like me to know her “personal” business, so I don’t know if I’d be digging myself into a deeper hole if I started asking her about the treatment center, etc. She’s only been there for two days and I’m expecting a phone call from her today.

To answer your query, it’s great if you can talk with your mom about her personal life. For sure, she’ll appreciate your efforts. There might be apprehension at first but she’ll become more comfortable to talk about her alcohol abuse and personal problems as time goes on.

You can open up about your personal life to make her more comfortable. Try to not be pushy or don’t make her feel that she’s wrong. Let her feel that you’re not just a son but a friend who will always be there for her. I’ll attach additional links/articles about alcohol abuse below. You might find them helpful.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment For My Mother

The Dangers of an Alcoholic Mother – Promises
An alcoholic mother can be dangerous if you won’t talk with her. If you care about your father, your siblings, or your entire family, then you need to talk with your mother about her alcohol abuse situation.

Alcohol Abuse Remedy For My Mom

Alcohol Abuse Remedy For My Mom

Helping an Adult Family Member or Friend with a Drug or Alcohol …
Don’t do it alone, ask your father and other relatives to talk with your mother about her alcohol dependency. It’s better to save her as earlier as today.

What Can I Do if My Mother or Father is an Alcoholic or Drug Abuser?
This is a good and important read. You’ll learn a lot from this wonderful article such as symptoms of alcohol abuse, symptoms of alcohol abuse on the body, alcohol abuse effects, alcohol abuse counseling, rehab for alcohol abuse, and alcohol abuse therapy.

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Other Helpful Information for Children who have a Parent who Have an Alcohol Abuse Problem.

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  • Crazeddoglady March 31, 2009, 4:33 am

    Don’t ask specific questions – general ones like how’s it going? have you met any nice people there? how’s the food? Be prepared to talk about how things are going at home in general terms too.