my mom suffers with lupus and fibromyalgia?

what type of alternative medications and lifestyle changes will benefit this autoimmunity and possibly send it into remission

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  • chloe March 25, 2009, 2:33 am

    Sorry I don't know anything about fibromyalgia, but a very good friend of my sister's has lupus. The doctors had told her that she could never have kids because of it, and they had basically given her no hope for any kind of future.
    She started doing yoga regularly, eating healthy, and doing reiki. Yoga and reiki did wonders for her. It's amazing how they help your body heal.
    This lady just had a healthy baby boy a couple of months ago, despite what the doctors said. She's been healthy for a few years now, and although she still has to live with lupus, she's enjoying her life and family.
    Help your mom to stay positive, and do things for herself, to become healthier.
    I wish you and her the best of luck. May God be with you.