Natural Remedies Celiac Disease

Are You Having Digestive Problems? Here are Natural Remedies for Celiac Disease

Digestive abnormalities are among the most common health disorders that can happen to people, and some of these are simply brought about triggered allergies or food intolerances. While there may be a lot of culprits for these, among the most noted ones are gluten and lactose. Gluten is a prolamin found in food or substances that are wheat based. Some people has digestive systems that cannot recognize or even metabolize gluten, known as celiac disease. Attempts of consumption of this substance will only harm the intestinal villi, leaving the body incapable of absorbing nutrients. People known to suffer from this disease usually are under nourished and are used to consume more food than normal people does.

Among the symptoms that are identified to this condition are anemia, abdominal pain, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, fatigueoral ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), loose stool, nausea, pale stool, and unexplained weight loss. When one of these many symptoms occurs, it is best to ask the advice of a medical expert. Also, there are natural remedies for celiac disease that can be done and administered at home. Among these are:

Fish Oil. Fish oil has a variety of uses and functions in improving the overall health of a person. One of the most important ones is coating the lining of the intestines, preventing it from easily getting inflamed in cases when the disease occurs after triggering it. This is why fish oil is best recommended to people who are suffering from celiac and even those who are not or simply not aware that they too are actually suffering from this digestive tract disease.

Papain Supplements. These supplements work to stimulate the small intestines’ enzymes for them to be able to properly recognize and identify gluten so the immune system will not overact as response to its availability in the digestive tract. Papain supplements are readily available in most health stores and drug stores, making it easy to acquire by people who have problems in eating gluten. However, there is no scientific claim that these supplements can actually free celiac disease sufferers from the disease so there is no guarantee to cure.

Yogurt. Among the natural remedies for celiac disease is a refreshing yogurt. This healthy food is known to stimulate the good bacteria in the human digestive tract. It also promotes the improvement and healing of human digestive system. Consuming it regularly will then help improve the overall health of the digestive tract of a person, with or without celiac disease. The best thing about it, even if the person is not aware that he or she has this disease, eating yogurt can eventually improve his or her health.

Horsetail tea. Another important natural remedy for celiac disease is the horsetail tea. This herbal tea is known for its wondrous effect of reducing digestive inflammation, thereby leaving the intestines at their best conditions. I t is also known to power up the digestive system to keep it from being overly reactive to gluten contents.

All these natural remedies for celiac disease treatments are readily available in all stores with health
food sections so everyone can immediately acquire them in small or even big amounts. As all aforementioned natural remedies for celiac disease are very good in promoting the overall health of a person, it is best to take them even if not aware if celiac disease is an underlying condition or actually a condition that they have.

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