Natural Remedies Colitis

Natural Remedies Colitis: Is there?

Is there a natural remedy for colitis? Medically termed as ulcerative colitis, this is a condition on the digestive tract where inflammation on the color or the large intestines as well as the rectum can be seen. When this happens, a person affected with the disease may suffer from abdominal pain, abdominal cramp, bloody diarrhea, inability to perform normal bowel movement, rectal bleeding, urgency, and weight loss. To this day, there is no proven treatment for this condition although there are some natural remedies for ulcerative colitis that have been used as common medication and care.
What to take for colitis?

Treating colitis naturally can be made easy with the help of:

Probiotics. Part of over 400 microorganisms found in the intestines of the human body, probiotics are the good bacteria that keep the potentially harmful ones at a balanced ratio. With this function, probiotics also boost the lining of the digestive tract, which is the protective mucus of that part of the body. Following that, inflammation on the tract is dramatically keep to a low amount – if not totally
prevented. Known to cause no side effects, probiotics is one of the most popular and common natural remedy for colitis to this very day.

Fatty acids from Omega-3. The 1966 to 2003 controlled trials and studies done in omega-3 and its fatty
acids have shown that it is indeed among the most effective ulcerative colitis natural remedies. The fatty acids that are in the capsules of fish oil can indeed reduce the chances of getting the intestines inflamed. These studies also showed that these acids can also improve the intestinal tissues, especially when incorporated with an elemental diet. Aside from ulcerative colitis, thee fatty acids of Omega-3 can also help alleviate the conditions of Crohn’s disease as well as other intestinal conditions.

Aloe Vera, Oral Gel. Aloe Vera has been always acknowledge as an active inflammation reducing plant.
Very many studies have already been conducted and administered that can validate claims on its effectiveness. In most cases, it is used as an oral supplement due to the significant response that the
body has on it. Still, it is best to consult the expert advice of medical experts if the condition is being suffered by children and pregnant women due to the sensitivity of the condition.

Boswellia. A native Indian tree known as Boswellia is another effective natural cure for ulcerative
colitis. The bark of the tree can be turned into resin that can naturally cure many inflammatory diseases
such as rheumatoid arthritis aside from ulcerative colitis. In a 1997 study, while it is also proven that a 350-mg boswellia extract administered thrice a day can help alleviate intestinal problems, it can also
cause – although rarely – side effects that include rashes, nausea, and diarrhea.

So when experiencing ulcerative colitis or some of its symptoms, the above natural remedies colitis listed are the best choices you can have to alleviate and manage the health problem. Done appropriately at home, you can surely feel better in no time.

Written By Nurse009

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