Natural Remedies For Dizziness

Looking For Natural Remedies For Dizziness? Here Are Some Information That Can Help You.

Dizziness can be a simple feeling of lightheadedness or a symptom of a more serious underlying disease.
In most cases, it is spinning feeling that may be caused of a number of triggering factors including
anemia, allergy, cold, dehydration, ear disorder, flu, head injury, insufficiency of supply of blood into
one’s brain due to artery blockage or blood pressure fall, internal bleeding, low-blood sugar level,
migraine, nervous system distortion due to medications, stroke, or vision loss.

Some of the known symptoms are:

  • Breath shortness
  • Changes in vision
  • Chest pain
  • False motion senses
  • Lightheadedness
  • Limb weakness
  • Nausea
  • Neck stiffness
  • Unsteadiness
  • And vomiting

Below are the known natural remedies for dizziness:

1. Water. The most essential element to just about any kind of sickness or disease is water.
Drinking enough water will prevent any health conditions, even dizziness from happening, and if
it stills happens, drinking more will help alleviate the condition.

2. Ginger. The most effective of all natural remedies for dizziness is ginger as proven in many
different studies. It can be chewed or made into a tea to cure the problem. What it does is
improve the circulation of the blood in the body, which is one of the many symptoms causing
this health condition.

3. Breathing. Improving the way one breathes is a good prevention as well as treatment for
dizziness. In between the inhale and exhale process, it is recommended that one should count
one to five as intervals. This will help draw in enough oxygen in the brain to relax the nervous
system. Doing this as much as you can will surely prevent dizziness as well as treat it when it

4. Indian Gooseberries. Among the much known homeopathic remedies dizziness is the Indian
gooseberries. It has vitamins c and a contents that helps the body get enough nutrients to fight
any untoward health conditions. It can be made into a paste by deseeding the berries, adding in
2 teaspoons of the seeds of coriander and enough water, like a glass or so. Let this mix stand
overnight and then strain in the morning. Now, it can be consumed to relieve dizziness as well as
prevent any future happenings of the condition.

5. Apple cider vinegar. Dizziness is also among the health conditions that Apple Cider vinegar can
help relieve and/or prevent. Along with very many conditions like bladder infection, arthritis,
heel spurts and a lot more, it is one of the natural remedies for dizziness that can actually help prevent it from happening any time soon.

All the above natural remedies for vertigo or dizziness can be bought over the counters of pharmacies
and drug stores so there is no need to worry about how and when to get these natural remedies for
dizziness. If possible, it would be a lot of help if they are present at home so whenever the condition
happens, there is something to use as relief. On top of that, they will surely help in prevention of these conditions so they better be available in your home.

Written By Nurse009

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