Natural Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Are you Suffering From Pink Eye? Here are the Natural Remedies for Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

Pink eye or medically termed as Conjunctivitis is a condition of the eye where the conjunctiva is inflamed, causes it to color pink or red. Conjunctiva is the membrane that shields the eyes, specifically
the whites, as well as the eyelids’ inner surfaces. The membrane has a number of blood vessels that are
so tiny that they can only be seen when an inflammation is happening. These vessels and the covering membrane are therefore the reasons why the whites of the eyes become reddish or pinkish when the pink eye condition happens. The good thing is that there is no known permanent damage of this condition although a significant discomfort is known to those who are suffering from it. There are natural remedies for conjunctivitis but the use of these remedies should be accorded to the kind of pink eye there is.

To date, there are five most common known types of pink eye including the Infectious Conjunctivitis, Allergic Conjunctivitis, Non-infectious Conjunctivitis, Neonatal Conjunctivitis, and Giant Papillary
Conjunctivitis. Of this five, it is the neonatal that is known to cause blindness if not immediately given the proper treatment. It is usually seen on mothers who are also suffering from STDs. The infectious conjunctivitis, on the other hand is the kind that is contagious because it is bacterial or viral. All the other types are not as damaging and scary but all of these types have proper herbal remedies. Conjunctivitis is basically a health condition that can be treated and prevented with natural remedies for conjunctivitis.

  •  Warm Compress. One of the most common natural remedies for conjunctivitis is warm compress. People who have this condition are recommended to prepare a soaked on warm water wash cloth that will be applied on both eyes. To be sure of this procedure, do not use it on both eyes if only one of the eyes are infected. Or else, the bacteria causing the pink eye will spread and next thing you know you have pink eyes on both of your eyes already.
  • OTC Drops: Eye drops that are available over the counter can also offer considerable relief. Make sure you only choose eye drops for relief rather than trying to use anti-bacterial eye drops. Using antibiotics, whether tablets or drops, when not needed can increase the risk of bacterial resistance significantly. Eye-drops containing anti-histamines on the other hand can be extremely helpful for individuals afflicted with allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Raw Fruits and Veggies that can be juiced including carrots, honey, Indian gooseberries, potatoes, and spinach. All of these plants are known to be helpful in bringing back the conjunctiva to its appropriate condition.

All of the above natural remedies for conjunctivitis are proven to be very effective, but it is still very important to be careful on how the condition is treated or applied with treatment. It is always good to practice carefulness in treating each eye as if it is bacterial, both eyes might be infected rather than treated.

Written By Nurse009

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