Natural Remedies For Headaches

Quick and Fast Natural Remedies for Headaches

Headache is the body’s reaction to stress and there is something we can do about this. Good thing, there are natural remedies for headaches to help us.

Headaches do not choose when to strike. Oftentimes, headache occurs when you least expect it to. You can choose to endure the discomfort, or you can do something about it. You may immediately reach for medication, but why not try natural remedies for headaches instead? Most are easily accessible, while some can be found right in your kitchen.

For Quick and Easy Natural Remedies for Headaches, You May Try:

● Resting for a while. You may sit or lie down in a dim room. Relax to release tension in
● Dipping in the tub for a warm bath or running a hot shower.
● Gently massaging the painful area in a circular motion. Use your index finger or thumb and hold the      pressure for at least seven seconds.
● Having someone rub the knots on your neck and back. Or better yet, book a full massage.
● Using an ice pack on the affected area.

It would also do you good to know the type of headache you are having. Sinus headache has other symptoms such as itchy or watery eyes or experiencing pain when moving. Migraine, on the other hand, comes with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, or throbbing pain.

Natural remedies for sinus headaches​

Congested sinuses result to a pounding headache. Sinus headache brings severe discomfort on top of having to deal with the colds. Fortunately, this can be quickly addressed by any of the following:

1. Massage the area just above the eyebrows; moving from the center of the forehead
2. Use a saline spray to relieve nasal congestion.
3. Steaming can free up clogged nasal passages.
4. Ginger, with its anti-inflammatory property, can cure sinus headache. Drink boiled ginger
5. Make necessary changes in your diet. Drink lots of fluids, boost your Vitamin C intake, and go for warm soups and spicy meals. Alcoholic beverages must be avoided.

Natural remedies for migraine headaches​

Migraine headache happens when the blood vessels constrict and expand. It can make the muscles in your head and neck ache as a result. To treat this type of headache, you may try the following:

1. Lavender oil is good for migraine pain. It can be used by applying topically or through inhalation. Pure lavender oil can be applied topically. To use is as vapor treatment, mix two to four drops with two to three cups of boiling water.
2. Peppermint oil boosts blood flow. This may also be used as one of the natural remedies
3. The herb butterbur prevents migraines as it promotes good blood flow to the brain.
4. Acupuncture is a long term solution to migraine while providing instant relief.
5. Increase Vitamin B2 and CoQ10 intake.

The cause of headaches such as common stressors may be unavoidable. Headache is the body’s reaction to stress and there is definitely something we can do about this. Good thing, there are natural remedies for headaches to help us deal with this problem.

Written By Nurse009

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