Natural Remedies for Hyperacidity

Are You Looking For Natural Remedies for Hyperacidity? Here Are Information That Can Help You.

Natural Remedies for HyperacidityHyperacidity is one of the many common digestive conditions that can occur to people of all ages. This is basically a disease that is caused by the overwhelming presence of acid in the digestive system of a person. Unlike acid reflux that is basically rooting from the decreased content of acids in the stomach, hyperacidity is the counterpart of the condition. This can have a lot of symptoms like pains, gas, nausea and even bad breath. This can be caused by eating too much spicy foods, unconventional eating habits, alcohol drinking, stress, and the lack of proper exercise. However severe this may be, luckily, there are natural remedies for hyperacidity.

1. Drink More Water. Water is the most basic natural remedy for hyperacidity. It is a good habit for people who are experiencing hyperacidity the most to drink lukewarm water before sleeping and after waking up in the morning, while at the same time avoiding drinking water immediately after eating as this will surely affect the digestion of food in your stomach. For not usual sufferers of hyperacidity, as simple as drinking enough water can surely aid in flushing acid out of your system.

2. Basil leaves. The leaves of the herb basil is known for its carminative and soothing properties, which when ingested on a hyper acidic stomach can almost immediately offer instant relief. It is also good not only as among the natural remedies for hyperacidity but also for other digestive associated problems like nausea and gas. Basil leaves can be consumed two ways for the same effect. One is by chewing the leaves thoroughly and the other one is by boiling it in water into a tea. Using honey can help give it a good taste.

3. Cinnamon. Among very important natural remedies for too much stomach acid is cinnamon. It is a natural remedy for acidity because of its anti-acid properties and can also dispel gas from the stomach. To use it, make a tea with a half teaspoon of its powder to a cup of boiling water. Drink twice or thrice a day to relieve symptoms of stomach acid.

4. Buttermilk. Among these natural remedies for hyperacidity is buttermilk as it contains lactic acid that can help normalize any acid imbalance in the stomach. Simply add fenugreek seeds – half to one teaspoon – that have been ground and mixed with water, then drink when stomachache starts. This will surely and immediately relieve the pains. Pure buttermilk will also be an effective relief as well as when added with little black pepper or coriander leaves, at least a teaspoon that has been ground.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar. In nature, ACV is acid but it differs from other acids for its alkalizing properties thereby the ability to be used as anti-acid in the stomach. To use as among the natural remedies for excess stomach acid, mix one to two teaspoons to a cup of water and drink at least once up to twice daily. It is also good to drink even before meals. With these five home remedies for excessive stomach acid, you can already be safe from disturbing stomach pains. Make one or more of these home remedies for stomach acid relief available in the house to ensure you are covered anytime of the day.

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