Totally unexpected natural remedies for pimples

Totally unexpected natural remedies for pimples

Nobody wants pimples. And if not for natural remedies for pimples a lot of people are going to hide their faces in shame for fear of getting laughed at.

They are red. They are annoying. They can really affect your confidence especially if they out of nowhere appear on your face. And they have the power to ruin any good day. Already know what I am talking about? Nobody wants pimples. And if not for natural remedies for pimples a lot of people are going to hide their faces in shame for fear of getting laughed at.

The following natural remedies for pimples are tried and tested, to say the least. They have saved a lot of people from potential embarrassment. So why don’t you give these a try before you consult a doctor? Most of these are very inexpensive and you can quickly find these in your home.

Here are the natural remedies for pimples that’s best for you:

Egg whites. Whipped egg whites can dry the pimples and avoid scarring too. Egg whites have cell-building minerals and amino acids. Beat or whisk the egg whites and apply directly on pimples. Let dry and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse then use your moisturizer.
Tea tree oil. It can fight inflammation in a gentler way compared with pimple medications. Just be sure to dilute pure tea tree oil prior to application. Repeat twice a day. This is one of the most popular natural remedies for pimples on face.
Green tea. After drinking your favorite green tea, use the tea bag as a natural pimple
remedy. You may also make use of the green tea that’s left from your cup.
Honey. Honey by itself can rid the toxins from your skin due to its antibiotic properties. When combined with either cinnamon or oatmeal, the resulting mask can improve the overall health of your skin.
Orange peel. Vitamin C is a sure-fire way to free your skin from pimples. As orange is a good source of this vitamin, you can use either peel or juice– or maybe even both– to cure the pimples. Leave on for at least an hour before washing.
Papaya. Did you know that papaya is one of the natural remedies for pimples and acne that can remove dead skin cells? It has the enzyme papain which is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. You don’t have to use papaya soaps as you can reap its benefits straight from the fruit itself. Just apply papaya flesh on your pimples and leave on for half an hour.
Witch hazel. This astringent, as one of the natural remedies for pimples, can reduce the size and dry your pimples. Apply on your face using a cotton ball. Use twice a day.
Aloe. If aloe can cure burns, it can easily address your pimple problem. Simply take the gel from the aloe vera plant and apply on the affected area.

Better yet, to avoid future encounter with this unwanted kind, try to get to the root of the problem. Here are some areas you might have overlooked and unknowingly cause your pimples:

● Check your cosmetics kit for expired products. While you’re at it, remember the last time you cleaned the brushes you are using.
● Skin care routine should match the current condition of your skin. If you’re currently having oily skin, then avoid heavy creams that might clog your pores and cause you pimples. Doing this is already one of the effective natural remedies for pimples.

Written By Nurse009

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